Map «Borough (EA26)» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Borough (EA26)

Small urban map designed to loosely resemble Manhattan, a borough of New York City. 8 capture points are spread between apartments, alleyways, and a large construction site and interconnected underneath the streets through a subway station and a secret nightclub. I recommend 30-60 bots depending on the gamemode (I have found domination and spec ops play best), and I also recommend configuring the flags in interesting ways. There are tons of interesting dynamics between specific capture points because of the underground levels.

This map has destructible windows and specifically designed hitboxes to optimize the gameplay as much as possible. It's always difficult for me and some other mapmakers to make the bots interact with the environment in the right ways but I worked a lot on the hitboxes on this map and I think the gameplay is really smooth in most places.

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