Map «Danzig Post Office Defence | WW2 Collection» for Ravenfield (Build 23)

Danzig Post Office Defence | WW2 Collection

Danzig Post Office Defence (Invasion of Poland 1939) 1:1 scale historical map that has fully functional indoor AI with a basement, 4 floors and bots taking cover when shooting from the windows ;) also yes its made in in-game map editor

Recommended bots: 40
Recommended balance: 1:2
Recommended gamemode: Point Match

Heroic standoff of Polish postmen on the first day of WW2. At just after 04:45 local time on September 1, 1939, as the Germans launched their attack on Westerplatte and WWII officially began, another ferocious assault was just beginning at the small post office in the city's then-called Hevelius Square. Detachments of German police and SS units lay siege to the 50 Polish post office workers inside, who put up a brave struggle for over 17 hours until the casualties became unbearable, part of the building collapsed and the Germans began to attack with flame-throwers.

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  • Mod version: 08.03.21
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