Cyber's WWII Mod for People Playground

Cyber's WWII Mod

Adds a very wide variety of historically accurate guns, soldiers and more!

This mod still does/will contain content from WWI, the Winter War, and other same-era technology.


Soviet, British, German, American, Japanese (Infantry, Medics, Tankers, Officers, Pilots, Paratroopers, Winter)


Mk II, M35, M35 (Paratrooper), M35 (Winter), SSh-40, M1, M1 (MP), M15, M1932, Japanese Field Cap, M43 Field Cap, M38 Tanker Cap, Japanese Tanker Helmet, M1938 Tanker Helmet, British Tanker Beret, British Military Beret, British Officer Cap, Soviet Officer Cap, German Officer Cap, TSh-4 Tanker Helmet, Ushanka, Mk II (Paratrooper), German Pilot Hood, American Pilot Hood, British Pilot Hood, Soviet Pilot Hood, Soviet Paratrooper Hood, Japanese Pilot Hood, Hachimaki Headband, Gas Mask


German Armband, B1000 Backpack Radio


MP 40, MG 42, MG 34, P08 Luger, Mauser C96, M1921 Thompson, M1911, Flammenwerfer 35, Panzerschreck, PPSh-41, M2 Browning, M1 Bazooka, StG 44, SVT-40, M3, Lee Enfield, M1 Garand, Karabiner 98k, Winchester Model 1897, Beretta Model 38, Ribeyrolles 1918, ZK-383, T-33 Tokarev, Webley Mk. VI, Mosin-Nagant, Vickers Machine Gun, MG 15, FG 42, M1 Carbine, Sten Gun, Type 14 Nambu, FP-45 Liberator, Welrod, Boys Anti-tank Rifle


Type 95 Gunto, BC-41, NR-40, Pipe Wrench, Entrenching Tool, Trench Club, Trench Mace


SC250, SC50, No.36 Mk.I, Stielhandgranate, Tellermine 43, Molotov, Flammenwerfer Fueltank, Panzergranate 39 Shell, Panzergranate 40 Shell, Granatwerfer 34 Mortar Shell, M72 Shell, Mk. II Grenade, M1A1 Bangalore Torpedo, Hafthohlladung, Stielhandgranate Bundle, Nobel 808, Lunge Mine


DKE38, Radio Balilla, Ammunition Box, Dragon Tooth, Pillbox, Czech Hedgehog, Medical Bag, Cigarette Box, Knockout Syrette, Coagulation Syrette, Adrenaline Syrette, Soviet Banner, German Banner, American Banner, Trench Whistle, Air Raid Siren

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