Lobotomy corporation mod for People Playground

Lobotomy corporation mod

Lobotomy Corporation (Monster Management Simulation) is a South Korean strategic single-player game from indie developers Project Moon. The game is a simulator of monster content in the Roguelike genre, inspired by games and films like the SCP Foundation universe, the movie Cabin in the Woods and the TV series Vault 13.

Sephirs are AI created by humans to manage each department of the Complex. They are the main actors of the plot. The main manager of Sefir is Angela. By leading them, she controls the entire facility. Each sephira has its own design, behavior and personality. Their color corresponds to the color of the department for which they are responsible. They give missions to the player, rewarding him with useful research and bonuses.

Anomalies are creatures generated by the human subconscious. With the help of them, the Lobotomy Corporation can receive Enkephalin and produce Energy from it.

  • New characters, agents, anomalies and EGO

Version 01.01.23 for People Playground


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