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Zuccian's Nanomachines

Equipping/Removing: Suits spawn as this little blue arc reactor thing, which can be put onto anyones chest, and when put onto them will make them the wearer of the suit. Right clicking anywhere on the users body will bring up the option to enable, disable, and remove the entire suit.

Hardening/Protecting: Nanomachines will harden in response to physical trauma (haha funny mgr reference), so if the user gets shot or damaged while having the suit unequipped, it will automatically equip it.

Repulsors: Most suits have repulsors, which can be activated by using the wearers hand. Holding the activation for longer will make it stronger, and it has 3 stages.

Unibeams: Unibeams are just like the repulsors, except all suits have them and it is activated by using the upper body of the wearer.

Boosters: All suits have boosters, which can be activated by using their feet. Right clicking their feet will bring up an option in the context menu to change how long they stay in the air and how far they get launched at first.

Guns: For the suits that dont have repulsors, they have guns which can be used by activating their hands.

NOTE: IF THE MOD SAYS PARSING ERROR AND WONT COMPILE ENABLE SUSPICIOUS MODS IN SETTINGS, i promise there is nothing bad in the mod you can check yourself but this shows up and i have no clue why (please fix zooi)

  • fixed parsing error

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  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: zuccian
  • Mod version: 24.08.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 3.7 mb
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