PPG: Civilians for People Playground

PPG: Civilians

Welcome to probably one of my most simplistic mods that'll go on the workshop. It adds civilian clothed people for roleplay and screenshots while also staying in the theme and style of PPG! It may not seem like much but until my other mod is out, it's gonna feel that way.

The main reason why this exists you may be wondering? Well I am in the works of a mod that'll be more of a part 2 for this (hint: it has to do with uniformed people, such as service or job). They're made to go together, though I've had this "done" for a while now and figured I'd release it earlier than I anticipated.

Does that mean that this won't be updated and will only stay bare bones for the other mod? No, not at all, I definitely plan on adding more to this mod on my own time however I do have this on low priority until I have finished my next two mods (one including the uniform mod I hinted above). This only includes a little more than a dozen people but like I said, will grow more in the distant future.

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hey here is an updated version of the ultamate car mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails...