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Symbiote Playground

Spawning/Attatching: Spawning a symbiote will create the symbiote blob, with this blob you can latch the symbiote onto any living being. Attach the symbiote by hitting the blob against the humans head, and there is a 1/12 chance the symbiote won't be compatible, resulting in the humans death. But if it is compatible, you now have a really cool symbiote human.

Activating/Disabling: By selecting the whole body, bringing up the context menu and hitting activate symbiote you can activate it, pretty self explanatory, the same applys for the disabling of symbiotes. Be sure to select the whole body while activating and disabling. You can also remove the symbiote completely by pressing the remove symbiote button. Symbiotes can also be disabled by being exposed to too much heat or by moving too fast (sound), you can disable this in the context menu too.

Powers: All symbiotes will have web slinging, you can enable and disable it by right clicking on their arms and clicking toggle webs. The majority of the symbiotes also have weapons, axes swords and shields to be specific. You can enable these by right clicking on the symbiotes arms and hitting enable/disable on whichever weapon youd like. Some symbiotes also have tendrils, which you can move freely and stab things with them. You can enable and disable them by right clicking the symbiotes middle body and hitting enable/disable tendrils.

  • 3 new symbiotes + general fixes
  • smaller bug fixes

Version 04.05.22 for People Playground


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  • Author: zuccian
  • Mod version: 21.05.22
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