The Nearby Conflicts Base: US Army for People Playground

The Nearby Conflicts Base: US Army

This mod is about "US Army" (United States Army) of US.


  • US Army Soldiers, OCP and UCP, and Gloves variant. Those are extremly detailed.


  • Colt M4, 7 Variants, Acog, Aimpoint, Acog with ANPEQ Laser, Aimpoint with ANPEQ Laser those two with foregrip and AN/PEQ-12 with Foregrip.
  • M110 SASS.
  • M429 Para (FN Minimi Variant).
  • M240B (FN Mag 58 Variant).
  • M9A1 Beretta.
  • M17 MHS.
  • M9 Bayonet.
  • M67 Fragmentation Grenade.


  • Advanced Combat Helmets, 6 Variants, OCP and UCP, Googles, Strap and the normal one.
  • "IOTV" (Improved Outer Tactical Vest), 2 Variants, OCP and UCP.
  • USMC Rucksack, 2 Variants, OCP and UCP.
  • US Army Belt and Buttpack, 2 Variants, OCP and UCP those with a Canteen.

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