MilitaryMod: Bosnia Army for People Playground

MilitaryMod: Bosnia Army

Hey guys! Welcome to another Balkan country mod! The helmets are Citizens, from the PMC mod (permission given) As well as the Radio is from the Palestine mod by Citler.

Again if any of you have any suggestions drop them below, it's been a pain coding this in.

Me and Eduardo's server:

Anyways, if you like it please drop a rating and gift if you want. I put a lot of work into making these mods. I will firstly do Balkan countries and then moving onto others. I love you all and have a good one!

Also, as per the Serbia mod, the song used in the Radio is from the Yugoslavian wars, we do not condone actions of the Bosnians or Serbians in anyway. Please do not get offended as this is used for historical significance.

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  • Author: loudyfam
  • Mod version: 14.03.22
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