Vapid Caracara 6x6 for People Playground

Vapid Caracara 6x6

The building is a paramilitary pickup truck manufactured by Vapid. The basis of this design is the Vapid CaraCara 6x6, which is an analogue of the Ford F-150, or the Ford Hennessey VelociRaptor, with a 6x6 chassis design. It is armed with a 12.7mm DShK (Degtyarev-Shpagin Large-caliber) Soviet heavy machine gun, which can deal well with lightly armored ground targets, or non-reactive aerial ones. It has a large hull, accommodating up to 6 crew members, including a machine gun gunner and loader. Sold by Warstock: Cache & Carry for $1,775,000


"B" - Shooting from the DShK.
"M" - Start lifting the machine gun.
"N" - Change the direction of lifting the machine gun.
">" - Start moving.
"<" - Change the transmission of movement.
";" - Speed ​​up.
"/" - Use headlights.
"]" - Open the body door.
"'" - Open the hood.

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