Ps Yak-7B for People Playground

Ps Yak-7B

Yak-7B - a modernized Yak-7 with the M-105PA engine, and modified structural elements, reinforced armament (replacing the ShKAS machine guns with two 12.7 mm UBS machine guns), a retractable tail gear, and from June 1942, the installation of the M- 105PF (1180 hp, aircraft speed reached 514 km / h at the ground) plus various improvements by October 1943 made it possible to achieve an increase in speed to 532 km / h at the ground. At the factories in Novosibirsk and Moscow, 5120 units were produced, May 1942 - December 1943.
this plane came out better for my Messerschmitt, it is less buggy, and peculiarly beautiful
J - turn on the engine
K - Chassis
L - nose up
; - nose down
' - fire

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