MI-24 for People Playground


The Mi-24 (NATO classification: Hind - "Lan") is a Soviet/Russian attack helicopter designed by the M.L. Mil Design Bureau. Its unofficial name was "Crocodile".
It became the first Soviet (European) and the second (after AH-1 "Cobra") specialized attack helicopter in the world. Its serial production began in 1971.
It had a great number of modifications and was exported to many countries. It was actively used during Afghan war and fighting actions in Chechnya, as well as in many regional conflicts.
In mass production in the USSR helicopters were built at plant # 116 - Aviation Plant "Progress", Arseniev, and at plant # 168 - Rostov Helicopter Production Association, then aircraft construction company "Rostvertol", Rostov-on-Don.
As of 2021, the helicopter is the second most common attack helicopter in the world after the AH-64 Apache.

O - On/Off Engine
+ / = - On / Off auxiliary power (to start takeoff)
H - Disable / Enable Stabilization (to lower the nose)
N - Lower tail
J (pressed) - Fire machine guns
B - Fire rockets
L - Activate / deactivate beacons
I (press) - Raise machine gun from below
K (press) - Lower machine gun from below

Required: Grip Fix

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