CR Cormandy - Basilisk MBT Tank for People Playground

CR Cormandy - Basilisk MBT Tank

MCV-V82 Basilisk
An icon of Corman armored vehicles, the Meien Cambat Varrefokt Veraze 82 Basilisk (MCV-V82 Basilisk) is the first tank of the "Alloy Snake" armored lines. Aside from mainline parts like a 120mm plasma railgun, cannon mount stabilisation system and an auto-loader, the Basilisk is armed with an automatic CIWS turret mounted on the back of the primary turret, which assists in terminating airborne targets.

The entire surface of the vehicle's armor is made out of NanoPanels, effectively making it invulnerable against small arms fire, autocannon fire, and even some artillery fire.

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its a very good tank