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The T-80BVM is a modern Russian main battle tank, is a deep modernization of the T—80BV tank, which entered service in 1985. The modification of the T-80BVM was developed by the Omsk Plant of Transport Engineering, during the modernization, the combat vehicle was equipped with a third-generation dynamic protection "Relict", active protection "Arena-M", a modern sight "Pine-U" with a thermal imaging channel, an armament stabilizer and a night vision device for the driver. The 1100-horsepower gas turbine engine installed on the T-80BV was replaced with a more modern GTD-1250 with a capacity of 1250 hp. The automatic loader has been modified to allow the use of 3BM59 "Lead-1" and 3BM60 "Lead-2" projectiles. The modification of the T-80BV M has been in service with the Land and Coastal Forces of the Russian Navy since 2019.

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