PU T-72B3 (Cope Cage) for People Playground

PU T-72B3 (Cope Cage)

The T-72B3 is a line of modifications to the T-72 tank. Modifications include RELIKT Explosive Reactive Armour, new fire control systems and overall improvements.

In game, the frontal armour including the hull and turret is extremely hard, almost impossible to penetrate using the in game 120mm cannon. This is unrealistic.

The ammo rack (which is simply a red barrel) is quick to detonate, causing the turret to fly upwards.
The "Cope Cage" doesn't add much protection, as the base tank is already extremely durable. Using the in game javelin against the tank without the cope cage will yield similar results. The tank will not be destroyed, however, crew members, most notably the commander (really depends on impact zone), will be injured or killed.
  • P = Cannon/MG up
  • : = Cannon/MG down
  • " = Fire MG
  • [ = Fire Cannon

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