Polars Bear's Custom Syringes for People Playground

Polars Bear's Custom Syringes

A few interesting syringes:

Invincibility Syringe (Martingr): Makes the user immortal, and heals them from any damage, in other words, a more interesting version of the "Immortality Serum" included in the base game.

Purification Syringe: Drains all fluids other than blood from the user, along with removing their effects. May have adverse effects on immortal humans, remember: all immortality comes at a cost...

{FOR MODDERS: Make your syringe use a coroutine (on the limbs or circulationbehaviours) or monobehaviour if you want it to be compatible with this syringe.}

Rapid Regeneration Syringe (The Great Zambooni): Greatly increases the regenerative capabilities of the user, but does not prevent death

Zombie Cure Syringe (Martingr): Cures zombification, and removes any traces of reanimation serum

Preservation Syringe (lawstinchaos [P]): Reverts rot and preserves the user against any future rot

Strong Constitution Syringe (mr. unfunny): Makes the user not feel pain and shock

Fireproof Syringe (Martingr): Makes the user unable to catch on fire

Iron Skin Syringe (mr. unfunny): Makes the user immune to stabbing

Weakening Syringe (mr. unfunny): Makes the user weaker

Room Temperature Syringe (mr. unfunny): Makes anything containing it be at just the right temperature

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