Polars Bear's More Random Syringes' for People Playground

Polars Bear's More Random Syringes'

A few interesting syringes that didn't really fit into the theme of the first mod.

  • Skeleton Syringe: Makes the user a spooky scary skeleton
  • Rot Syringe: Makes the user rapidly rot
  • Vampire Syringe: Heals the user whenever blood is injected
  • Panic Syringe: Makes the user panic for 10 seconds
  • Heart Attack Syringe: Makes the user have a heart attack
  • Slime Syringe: Goops everything up. Slimy people stick to things!
  • Big Boi Syringe: Makes the boi big
  • Smol Boi Syringe: Makes the boi smol
  • Gorse Friendlyness Syringe: Make the Gorses your best buddies! They will become passive, emanate heart particles, and even heal people who are hurt and inside their range (twice the range of regular gorses, because they care more about their friends than their enemies, and you should too).
  • Disco Syringe : Contains a liquid that changes color and produces light, that affects any living creature, and will glow even in containers, so you can make some fancy lamps. It even changes color in the catalog!
  • Updated to the current version

Version 30.12.22 for People Playground

  • Updated to the current version


Version 05.05.22 for People Playground


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