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Parts and Contraptions

Parts And Contraptions is a mod that aims to improve your contraptions and what you can build.

This mod currently has the following parts:

  • Sticky Part - Sticks to anything when activated, and unsticks when deactivated.
  • Gravity Nullifier - Restricts the Y coordinate, add Gyroscopes for no rotation.
  • Node - Cable management, can transfer blood (in a later update)
  • High-speed Node - Cable management,no activation delay
  • Power Gate - Doesnt let power through unless activated.
  • Activator - Activates anything that touches it (if ON)
  • Collision Part - Toggles collision when activated. (even with walls)
  • Enemy Core - Buggy but it works (sorta). Can float towards nearby enemies,look at enemies, ignoring dead ones
  • Outputs blue signal if enemy detected.
  • Zero Point Battery - A Battery with a customizable charge (you just put in a number).
  • Dead Weight - Customizable weight,restores default weight when not activated
  • Beeper - Beeps,can also play sounds from link
  • Floater - Floats,Customizable Buoyancy
  • Blood Sucker - attaches a blood wire to anything it touches if activated,attach a blood wire to it to use the blood
  • Anchor Part - When activated,it cant move at all or rotate.
  • Submersion Detector - Sends out activation when half or fully submerged, and has modes;Continuous,Single Trigger,Double Trigger
  • Player Part - Controlled with WASD and the mouse,comes deactivated by default
  • Minigame Teleporter - Teleports a player part (and any unfrozen gameobject,when enabled,might also teleport objects that shouldnt teleport) when touched to a random endpoint with the same channel.
  • AND/Not/... Gate - A logic gate,connect wires to the inputs and the big part is the output.
  • Counting Gate - A counter. Top input resets to 0,Bottom input increases by one.Continuous signal when counter full.
  • Lightblock - It glows when activated by continuous activation. Color codes below.
  • Repeater - Metronome but better
  • Activation Gate - Doesn't let green signal through unless turned on by blue,and turned off by red.
  • Environmental Changer - Changes environment options and back when toggled.
  • Keycard And Keycard Reader - Use keycards to activate their keycard readers, simple.
  • Keypads - Touch with player parts or activate to bring up "Input Password" menu. (Or through context menu options)
  • Destroyer - Deletes parts on collision,advanced mode deletes literally anything.
  • Activation Converter - Converts continuous activation to single activation.
  • Height Sensor - Sends out a signal when reaching specified height.
  • Blood Engine -Turns a (considerable) amount of blood into power.
  • Heavy/Light Shrapnel - Found in the Misc. tab,its just shrapnel.
  • Touchpad - A shock detector but more customizable (Has to be on fire,Has to be alive, etc.). Also has alternate textures.
    Lever - Its like a resistor, but for activation!
  • Particle Emitter - It makes particles, on activation!
  • Chance Gate - Allows a signal to pass with a specific chance
  • Inverse Power Gate - Allows an activation signal to pass when gate is not powered
  • Multiservo - A servo,but with 2 extra angles,activated by a signal of the corresponding color.
  • Portable/MK1/MK2/MK3/Unrestricted Power Cell - Basically just batteries, can be charged when deactivated, discharges when activated,with customizable power output.

And powers/tools:

  • Mute Power - Mutes clicked items (works most of the time).
  • Invisibility Power - Makes clicked items invisible.
  • Activatable Spring - A spring that looses/gains its "spring power" when the base object is activated.
  • Autofreeze - Not a power,but this freezes anything you spawn when P is held (by default)
  • Stretchy Cables - Not a power,but this makes any cable stretch when O is held (by default)
  • "Quickselect" - Numpad 0 to pick an item to an "invisible toolbar",Numpad 1 to pick the item from the "toolbar"

File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: jimmyl
  • Mod version: 22.06.21
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 1.0 mb
  • Source: Go to
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im going to download this but i hope its working

Mini mines

dont worry is works if it says error go to settings and turn off suspicous mods