WW2 in PPG Mod for People Playground

WW2 in PPG Mod

Arrange your Second World War! Here you will find a lot of authentic weapons, stuff, decorations and units.

40 Weapons:
-Colt M1911
-Enfield No.2
-TT Tokarev
-C96 Mauser
-Grease Gun
-M1 Carbine
-M1 Garand
-M1897 Trench Gun
-Lee Enfield
-SVT Tokarev
-M30 Luftwaffe
-Arisaka Type 30
-Type 44
-PTRD Degtyarev
-PTRS Simonov
-M2 Browning
-Browning BAR
-DP-27 Degtyarev
-Maxim Gun M1910
-StG 44
-MG 42

29 Units:
-US Medic
-US Officer
-US Private M1942
-US Private M1944
-US Sergeant
-US Tankman
-US Winter Soldier
-UK Desert Soldier
-UK Medic
-UK Officer
-UK Private
-UK Sergeant
-Soviet Officer
-Soviet Private
-Soviet Tankman
-Soviet Winter Soldier
-Adolf Hitler
-German Desert Soldier
-German Officer
-German Soldier
-German Tankman
-German Winter Officer
-German Winter Soldier
-Nazi Officer
-SS Soldier
-Japan Officer
-Japan Paratrooper
-Japan Soldier

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  • Author: megaturn
  • Mod version: 04.03.23
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