Sanddunes V2 / Working Map 1.26+ for People Playground

Sanddunes V2 / Working Map 1.26+

Our Researchers have found an weird Note that has been found in the Entrance to Ebon 1 beside an huge pile of Sand and Dust...Also important is that the Note itself is written in an very weird way and seemingly written from 2-Person Perspective...

"There is just Sand everywhere..."

"Just dry Dust and hot fine Silicia..."

"You saw no signs Live...It might c0mpl3t3ly be d3v0id of it 4ctC4lly you thought..."


"There is already too much Sand in your Shoes...Sand in your Eyes...You got Envious about your remaining Memories about your gone Foes...It's all Just Sand and Dust until Time itself Dies..."


"The only different Color you saw since you accidently wandered into this Realm, was the bright and bleached Blue color of the "Sky" Moon...and no Stars were always visible for you"


"But after you wandered for what felt like Years in this flat and endless Hellscape of Sand and Dust..."

"You saw a rocky elevated Plattform slowly appearing from the Endless Horizon..."


"And at the very End you managed to walk there...and finally collapse in Nostalgic dreams...Just to be awoken at the loud Humming Buzz, the smell of vile yellow Wallpapers and the stench of soaked Carpets..."

"Was this all R34l to begin with?"


To this very day Wanderes, Researchers and Exploration Teams weren't able to find more viable Information about this described Location...And it is believed that it may be the "Sandydunes" Ebon that many rumors have been spread about in the mayority of what remains of the Human Population...

if the Map doesn't work for some Reason...than just simply turn the weird reject sus Mods Option off or allow it manually ig....

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