☢ S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Heart Of PPG ☢ for People Playground

☢ S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Heart Of PPG ☢


- In this mod, I made almost all the models of the members of the groups from the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
- He also created almost all weapons (except pistols), most of which are Animated


- Grouping of "Bandits" in which 6 variants of models + Head of "Banites" Yoga
- Grouping "Clear Sky", in which 3 variants of the models + head "Clear Sky" Lebedev
- Grouping "Duty", in which 6 variants of the models + head "Duty" Voronin
- Grouping "Freedom", in which 5 variants of the models + the head of "Freedom" Lukash
- Grouping "Mercenaries", in which 6 variants of models + The main character of Clear Sky Scar
- Grouping "Military", in which 4 variants of models + the Main Hero of the Call of Pripyat Degtyarev
- Grouping "Monolith", in which 5 variants of models
- Grouping "Singles", in which 11 model options + The main character of the Shadow of Chernobyl Tagged / Shooter
- Grouping "Traders", in which Sidorovich, Beard, Bartender


- Burer with telekinesis
- Bloodsucker Regular
- Bloodsucker Swamp
- (Cut) Civilian Zombie
- Snork
- Controller


- Pistols: PMM, PB-1s, Handicap 12, March, UDP, Black Hawk, Viper.
- Shotguns: Shotgun, Hunting rifle, Chaser 13, Spas 12, Chipper.
- Assault Rifles: AKM-74/2U, AKM-74/2, Obokan, Grom-s14, SA Lavina, IL86, TRs-301, SGI-5k, GP37, FT-200m, RP-74.
- Sniper Rifles: Vintar-VS, SVUmk-2, SVDm-2, Gun-Gauss.
- Grenade Launchers: Bulldog-6, RPG-7u.

Good mood and Happy New Year

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