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Destructive Warfare : Radical Aspiration

The Colombian Conflict is a low-intensity asymmetric war that started on May 27 1964. It is a war fought between Colombian government forces and several paramilitaries, crime syndicate, and other lawless entities. This war is part of the Global War on Drugs.

Now, what if this conflict escalated into a full-blown civil war? Lets see.

It has been a few months since the conflict in Saudi Arabia between the US and UK-backed Saudi Arabian government forces and the Muharibu Alhuriya terrorist group. Since then, there has been a oil crisis due to the Muharibu Alhuriya attacking key oil rigs and deposits in the nation. South America has been hit quite hard by it. Especially Colombia. Gas prices are through the roof, and it is so much of a problem that it's beginning to be rationed to the population. First, outrage, then protest, then things get bloody quick. The FARC Dissents and several other militant groups see the chaos and take advantage of it, beginning the civil war and quickly toppling the government.
The forces combine into a united front against Colombia, that being named the Colombian Liberation Army (CLM). This force is led by a far-right militant leader named Alejandro Nelize and his cousin Dalys Garcia, a war lord. These two made the CLM a fighting force that struck fear into their foes.
Now, with a dictatorship established and the civil war the CLM started won, the United States sees this as a major threat to the free world. A month after the civil war, a United Nations-mandated invasion of Colombia in the name of freedom is conducted by the United States Marine Corps.

On the BLUFOR side, we have the United States Marine Corps, United Security Service(s) (they ain't a private military company, they're some special forces people!), and the Pro-Márquez Group (militants that are fighting for the old Colombian government in exile).
On the OPFOR side, we have the Colombian Liberation Army and the FARC Dissents.

The war is still ongoing, and we don't know what'll happen in the future, but, we can say 1 thing for sure: stuff is happening in Colombia.

- 5 factions (6 if you count the UN subfaction), plenty of humans.
- Many pieces of armor.
- 40+ firearms (including a M203 Grenade launcher and 3 rocket launchers).

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