Afghan War for People Playground

Afghan War

The Afghan conflict of 1979-1989, is a military conflict on the territory of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (the Republic of Afghanistan since 1987) between the government forces of Afghanistan with the support of a limited contingent of Soviet troops on the one hand and the armed formations of the Afghan Mujahideen ("Dushmans"), enjoying the political, financial, material and military support of the leading NATO states, China and the conservative Islamic world, on the other hand. In everyday life, the Afghan war is called briefly - Afghan

Mod content
A limited contingent of the USSR.
The uniform is Afghan,KLMC,KZS,mabuta for special forces, and Bhutan.
Equipment RD 54 backpack and tourist.
Hats caps and panama hats
Unloading Belt A and Belt B and chi com, 6sh46 and bulletproof vests 6b3
Weapons AKS DShK stinger and Kalashnikov assault rifles and others
From the trifles of sigi space and prima and blocks for the map and the Afghan army and civilians who can be enemies

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