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Looks like this is unexpected! Hi everyone this is my first mod. This is a joint collaboration between Teletubbie With A Shotgun and I. A few things to note: This is my first mod so don't expect it to be perfect. There will also more content in the future so yeah.
A bit of into about it

The Marines were the main frontline infantry used by the UNSC stationed on colony worlds, ships, and garrisons. They were standard-equipped with the M52B body armor, worn over the chest and abdomen, along with the CH252 combat helmet, or the ECH252 enclosed variant for zero-gravity or hazardous zones, along with extra vacuum-suits for extra-vehicular-activity.

ODSTs were elite shocktroopers that fell from the sky in drop pods from UNSC warships. They were usually put in control of high-risk operations such as going behind enemy lines, demolitions, and stealth operations. They wore battle armor over a vacuum-sealed body glove, similar to MJOLNIR-type power suits while not as extensive, heavy, or mechanical as the Spartan armor

The Spartans are so iconic they hardly need an introduction. The best of the best. They were so infamous and deadly during the Human-Covenant war that the Covenant gave them the name "Demons". They wore the MJOLNIR-series power armor, that gave them almost superhuman abilities, such as increased reaction time, shields, monumental strength, and speed. The spartans themselves had similar genetic changes to give them increased abilities. They saved the fate of the UNSC dozens of times over alone, from Jun-A266 protecting Dr. Halsey to John-117 firing Installation 008 to stop the Flood.

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this mod is cool


ikr this is awesome