Shin Godzilla Forma 2 - Kamata Kun for People Playground

Shin Godzilla Forma 2 - Kamata Kun

This is the 2nd form of Shin Godzilla, baptized by fans as "Kamata Kun" because he emerged in the Kamata region in Japan (the first form I didn't make because that form is just a small animal with a huge tail that appears in the sea, what will you do with a tail in the game ?).

It doesn't have commands, just drag it with the mouse calmly because otherwise it can mess up, I tested it before I published it but I didn't see anything too much, but it can happen sometime, right?

I will make the next Shin Godzilla form, which is the 3rd one, the "Shinagawa Kun". When I finish and post it, I will edit the description when I finish the 3rd form.

Have fun!

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