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The Ostrumian Federation Mod

This mod contains all the assets of the Ostrumian Federation. It is required to be downloaded in order for you to use contraptions on the workshop from the Ostrumian Federation.

The Ostrumian Federation is officially part of the Arcadia galaxy.

  • The Ostrumian Federation is a space-faring race of purple humanoids with 4 eyes. These humanoids, known as the Ostrumians, are carbon-silicon-hybrid based lifeforms, where their bones are made of a silicon-based crystal structure, and their flesh is made of carbon based tissues. They originated from the planet Ostrum III, from the star system Ostrum.
  • Their government is run as a democratic republic. There is a council of 12 members, of which each member is voted upon every 6 years, who vote on big decisions. There is also a president, who puts said decisions into action. The president is voted upon every 3 years.
  • Their ideology is based around research and development. Their kind are naturally good inventors, and their 12 fingers allow for very fine handling of objects and machinery.
  • The main material they have a lot of interest in is Exotic Matter. They use this substance in the synthesis of strange materials such as Gravitasium, which allows them to have artificial gravity within their starships.
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