MilitaryMod Expansion:Romanian Army for People Playground

MilitaryMod Expansion:Romanian Army

Adds a bunch of equipment used by the Romanian army

Currently it includes:

  • Honour Guard (Summer)
  • Foot Soldier (1994 Mozaic Camouflage)
  • PM md. 63
  • RPK
  • Kit (Vest + Satchel + Pockets)
  • Honour Guard Kepi
  • Camouflage Helmet
  • Boonie Hat

To come:

  • M2017 Camouflage
  • Honour Guard (Winter)
  • WInter Camouflage
  • Desert Camouflage
  • More Weapons

The Romanian Army is currently 35,800 men strong. It uses a lot of equipment imported from other countries.

The Main Battle Tank currently in use is the locally produced TR-85M1 "Bizonul", a modernisation of the T-55. Its main rifle is the locally designed PM. md 86, a modernised AK-74M.

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