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Barotrauma Dugong

The Dugong submarine from the game Barotrauma

Was a real pain in the neck to get it accurate
Took a long time to finish.
I crafted most of the components like junction boxes and cabinets separately.

Thank god for the layering options.

The sub does have 2 functioning ballasts (each having two controllable valves) however for this thing to rise and sink it needed a big ugly green jug. Which, if you just want the replica, you can delete.

You can also control the 2 coil guns using radios located at the top of the ammo loaders.

This model is not perfect as the in game dimensions (8x34) do not match up (10x40- something)

Feel free to copy (and improve) the assets (cabinets, pumps, ballasts, etc) and make your own models

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  • Mod version: 12.09.22
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please add this Steam Workshop::Doors Hotel (


i thought it was a ship when i first saw it lol


it doesn't work, i try to install it and i see it ingame but i try to spawn it and it tells me it's corrupted, can anyone help? this one looks hella cool


Check your game version, this can be the reason for this.