Barni's Pizza Place by DM for People Playground

Barni's Pizza Place by DM

ATTENTION! If your animatronic after spawn or pressing the buttons "explodes", that you need to increase in the settings of People Playground Physical Interaction count at least up to 64

After the contraption spawn, you have a choice: start diagnostics or to awaken Barni. During the diagnosis, the bear activates all possible moving parts and becomes available for repair. During the diagnosis, you cannot press any button other than the red one, which completes the diagnosis. After that, you can either wake him up again, or start diagnostics again.
After waking up, the diagnostic capability is disabled. Stage Performance becomes available. When activated, Barni sings a song and dances. While playing Stage Performance, you cannot perform any actions with the remote control. After playing Stage Performance, you can put Barni to sleep or start a new performance.

Hello everyone It's me again! After a long lull and the update finally came out, I decided to come back!

I tried to make the most of this update. Now the animatronic does not look like just a bunch of sticks changed in size. Now the animatronic has a full-fledged case that has a color. This makes it possible to distinguish the endoskeleton from the outer shell. The update also, as I noticed, tweaked the physics and I finally managed to implement some ideas.
I remember that someone asked me to make movable plates on the animatronic's head. I tried to implement it.
In addition to all this, I discovered a mod that allows you to make bundles invisible, it also helped me in creating a beautiful animatronic, and optimization is *stonks* compared to previous works.
Unfortunately, even considering all this, there are small lags when working with contraption, so I also made a separate contraption, where there is just a scene with an animatronic and a remote control
The ways of controlling the animatronic are indicated on the board, which is available in the screenshot and in the room with the remote control itself.

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