The Facility for People Playground

The Facility

This is a big facility that I made and I spent a while on it so feel free to like and favorite it.

I would make this structure destructible but I feel like with the size of it if it were destructible it would be to laggy and not fun to destroy, but certain parts of the inside are destructible. Anyways thank you for understanding


  • 2 Dining Areas
  • A Kitchen
  • A Sleeping Area
  • 2 Labs
  • 1 Hospital
  • 2 Cryopods
  • 1 Storage Area
  • A Interrogation/Holding Room
  • 1 Elevator

It might be laggy to load in since it is a big structure and might lag your game a bit
Feel free to edit or improve it any way you like as long as you are not flat out stealing the contraption.

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