Titan Monarch V3 for People Playground

Titan Monarch V3

Evamp industries presents our newest and most versatile titan yet the Monarch Titan V3 Monarch is the perfect balance between agility defense and offense its stock weapon already packs a punch and with its speed it is nearly unstoppable and with its armaments of rockets and a laser cannon it can change any battle in the hands of a experienced pilot it can turn a battle into your favour in a instant get yours today don't hesitate.


  • Legs and arms you move yourself this is just too heavy for servos and motors
  • O= unfold rocket luancher module press again to fold back in
  • L= fire rocket luancher module
  • I=Unfold the laser cannon module press again to fold back in
  • K=fire laser cannon module
  • J= open and close cockpit also turns off and on the lights
  • H= activate thrusters deos'nt actually do anything besides looks the mech is too heavy for the thrusters

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