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The Exo-Mech is a new creation by me which tests new experimental technology based on replicating human movement as realistically as possible when it walks. It is my first mech/exosuit that mimics walking in a natural manner and hopefully will become more common throughout my builds as I strive to make the best mechs and exosuits possible for you all to use.

The suit has mild forms of protection for the amputee host inside, able to protect them from a manner of things otherwise fatal to typical non-altered humans and androids alike. If the host is to perish while inside the suit, the suit will go limp and fall lifeless like any normal human would.

The suit is completely destructible.


W - starts up power generator and the begins the walk cycle for the exomech.
R - Revs up dual chainsaws capable of biting through very tough material and tearing enemies to shreds.
T - Fires off the main ranged weaponry on the mech, can be swapped out with any weapon just by using fixed cables and propagation wires.
Y - Activates defibrillators inside of the suit in order to attempt to revive the host if they are rendered unconscious or even recently killed.

Numpad 1 - Disables body stabilizers
Numpad 2 - Disables arm stabilizers allowing free range movement for the chainsaws and rifle.
Numpad 3 - Disables leg stabilizers

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