Mod «Dreams of Austria» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.7)


Dreams of Austria is the newest installment in the Dreams mods collection. Sick of Austria not having a focus tree? Want more options than just Kaiser Otto von Habsburg reforming Austria-Hungary (don't worry, that will be option here soon too)? Then you've come to the right place! Although this mod is still a work in progress, the first path, The Fatherland Front, has been fully playtested and is fully playable. DoA when fully completed will have the following paths:

Federal State (Finalizing)

The Fatherland Front - a fascist path where you unite all Catholic Germans and form Greater Austria

(This path is fully playable, but the reason this is labeled as Finalizing is because I still need to finish the focus descriptions for part of the industry and military trees. The political trees are fully localized though, so there shouldn't be anything that is confusing for you guys!)

Monarchy (In Progress)

  • Austria-Hungary - Reform Austria-Hungary under Kaiser Otto von Habsburg, the classic path
  • Austrian Empire - turn Austria into a global power and form an Austria colonial Empire under Kaiser Otto von Habsburg
  • Holy Roman Empire - Reform the Holy Roman Empire under Kaiser Otto von Habsburg
  • United States of Greater Austria - Bring the abandoned plans of a federalized Austro-Hungarian Empire to fruition

Republic (In Planning)

  • Conservative - In Planning
  • Liberal - In Planning
  • Socialist - In Planning
  • Communist - In Planning

Additional Features

  • New Generals, Field Marshals, and Admirals.
  • Austria uses German models for their units. Historically, the Austrian Bundesheer designed their uniforms based off German ones and used a very similar color of Feldgrau for their uniforms. They also didn't have their own tanks, so I figure it's better to use the cool German tank models instead of the boring generic ones.
  • Earnable artillery traits for generals based off those for infantry, cavalry, armor, etc.
  • Tons of new events
  • The Fatherland Front has several unique puppets that are given unique trees to both balance the puppets and to give them some unique content. The puppets are: Germany, Italy, Croatia, Serbia (must be Serbia, not Yugoslavia), and Switzerland.

Mod checked on game version: 1.10.7

  • The Austrian Empire path is now available, with two sub-paths at the end of it. The first sub-path lets you reunite the old Empire, under the sole rule of Austria, the Dual-Monarchy system, or even a new Triple-Monarchy system (with Croatia as the third member). The second path sees Austria unite with Germany (through force) to become the greatest power in Central Europe.
  • Added the Austro-Hungarian unit namelists to Austria's monarchy paths (except for the HRE path).
  • New models, more accurate to the 1930's Bundesheer uniforms (thanks to ivenend_zwei833).

Версия 04.02.21 для Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.x)


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