Mod «GEO Modern Models Mod for Millennium Dawn» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.9)

GEO Modern Models Mod for Millennium Dawn

This mod adds a number of 3D models for Millennium Dawn. All 3D models are animated. Depending on my motivation, I will add various 3D models and textures.


  • 3D models of land units
  • Small Arms
  • Tanks
  • IFVs
  • APCs
  • MRAPs
  • General purpose vehicles

Frequently asked questions.

Q: What other countries would you like to add 3D models of?
ANSWER: First priority is given to weapons adopted by many countries. (like the T72 or the Leopard)
After that, I would like to add weapons from major countries like Japan, China and the UK.
*Depends on my motivation.

Question: will you add Russian troops?
Answer: i may create Soviet/Russian weapons, but i have no plans to implement them as a Russian army.

Question: Can I incorporate this 3D model into my mod?
Answer: please contact the mod page or your Steam profile.

Question: Why do you need DLC?
Answer: Because the IFV's machine guns are built using DLC.

Required: Millennium Dawn: A Modern Day Mod

add 3d models

  • 1 Iveco LMV for Italy, Albania, Belgium ,Bosnia, Norway, Croatia, Spain, Slovakia, Czech, Austria
  • 2 M113A1 new mesh

add new textures

  • 1 M113A1 texture of Tunisian Army
  • 2 Tunisian Soldier texture
  • 3 Algerian Solider texture
  • This is a retexture of an Armenian soldier.


  • 1 Algeria Army uses Desert Tan T72, BMP2, BTR80, and M1511.
  • 2 Tunisian army uses BMC Kipri.

Version 18.12.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.7)

  • Add new 3d models


Version 19.08.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)


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hi i need old vervion 1.12.2