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TNO - Goering Expanded

Ever wanted to conquer the world as a crazed German maniac without the worry of nuclear warfare? Ever wanted to balkanize even more areas to show dominance? Ever wanted P E A K German borders? Then I present The New Order - Goering Expanded. This mod has content expanding large parts of the TNO path Goering's content, with both new content, and old content from the outdated mod Goering's Wild Ride (with permission from the author). Right now it includes enough to make your play through feel complete, but soon enough will (hopefully) make Goering a super fleshed out path!

  • New puppets and border changes to post WW3 America, with it being fully balkanized.
  • Updated decisions to disable nuclear war, the militarist system, and the economic system.
  • Changes to the Japanese post-WW3 borders, with a unified Japanese RK while divided Chinese puppets.
  • Updated Indian RK's to be more balkanized and divided.
  • New decisions to integrate parts of puppets to achieve massive German borders.
  • Focuses for after you finish your World Conquest, with some very minor end-content and superevent, now with some teasers of future updates.
  • Updated events to further immerse the experience of a plausible victory.
  • Options to conquer every part of earth, either intentionally or with the special content at the end.
  • Decisions to reorganize and reclaim the lands lost in Africa, and rid the world of Huttig.
  • Partial integration with the Toolbox Theory update, more integration in future updates.
  • And much more!

  • Full integration with the Toolbox Theory update.
  • All Goering - Related bugs fixed.
  • More flavour to major puppets
  • Added content for the major wars, IE WW3, Italy, Russia, etc.
  • More WW3-prep to make the scenario even slightly plausible.
  • Added content for WW3 for USA and Japan (Collapse of states/order, food shortages, emergency acts, flavor events, etc)
  • More mid - conquest content and flavor events to make mid game less boring.
  • And much more!

Required: The New Order: Last Days of Europe

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