Mod «Goated HoI4 Experiment» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.12)

Goated HoI4 Experiment

The Mod of the new Goated HoI4 Experiment!
All hail Goated!

The Goated HoI4 Experiment is another event initiated by GOATED!
Expect thrilling multiplayer action, with people fighting against each other,
or forging alliances!

The Experiment is a roleplay game, where you start your own nation or join another one,
manage your nation and use Diplomacy to your advantage to either befriend other nations or make them your enemies!

How will you lead your nation? Will it thrive? Will it fall under the boot of another conqueror?
It is up to you to decide.

How it will work is that every nation has a discord server, used for managing their people and diplomacy.
A few selected individuals of those nations will partake in the HoI4 Multiplayer Game,
where they will bring into reality what was decided upon in the Discord.

It will be up to them to build their economy, military and all that other stuff
and it will be up to them to lead their troops into battle.

The Mod encompassed many more options as in vanilla:

  • Integrate the states you conquered into your nation;
  • Get research / industry buffs for being democratic / neutral;
  • Use an enlarged Tech-Tree to never stop improving your military;
  • Embargo other nations to prevent them trading with you;
  • Rename both your leader and faction when you see fit;
  • Recall volunteers when you no longer want them to fight;
  • Avoid nuclear destruction with the removal of nuclear technology;
  • Make dynamic peace deals with other nations even before the war is over;
  • Use unlimited dockyards per production line to speed up your ship construction;
  • Make use of the improved generic focus tree;
  • Get Army, Land and Navy XP for free;
  • AND FINALLY, See all your puppets better with them getting the same color as you.

The World will be yours to explore, conquer or liberate!
Choose your path wisely and make sure to always use roleplay!
This game is not just for conquering! It's also about diplomatic actions and drama between nations!

There are a few rules to make the event more enjoyable:

  1. No justification against any nation (even ai) until 1st January, 1937
  2. For all diplomatic actions (Embargo, war goal justification, military access, attache, etc) there must be roleplay reasons given.
  3. Players who play in HoI4 must be able to play at least 4-Speed, or else they will not permitted to play.
  4. There may be slight toxicity between nations, as that is to be expected from roleplay games. But it must be limited and any escalation is forbidden.
  5. <Insert all generic rules>
  6. If a player does not abide by these rules, a moderator may choose to remove them from the game: Both in HoI4 and in Discord.

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Thanks! I requested the mod and now here it is! Thank you very much top mods!

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