Mod «Enhanced Diplomacy Actions» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

Enhanced Diplomacy Actions

Ever get bored of the simple HOI4 diplomacy actions? Well now you can expand you diplomatic choices with the Enhanced Diplomatic Actions mod! In this mod that adds 6 new diplomatic actions. These actions revolve around adding realism to the game without making it complicated. You can announce your stance on current wars, demilitarize/re-militarize your puppet states, "peacefully" ask for ownership of other countries land(s), and much more!

Manage Your Puppets

  • Demilitarize your puppet
    - Destroys all of the puppet's divisions
    - Disables the puppet from creating new divisions
    - Re-militarize your puppet after 31 days
  • Grant Independence to your puppet
    - Gives independence to the puppet

Manage Relations with Other Countries

  • Select the states you want (Removed until bugs are fixed)
    - Send a proposal for the chosen country to give the specified states
  • Send Insults
    - Insult the specified country and lower their opinion of you
  • Send Complements
    - Complement the specified country and increase their opinion of you
  • Send Factories and Dockyards
    - Send a single factory or dockyard to a country every 7 days
  • Send Manpower
    - Send 10,000 manpower to any country in your faction (or is a puppet of you)

Voice Opinion on Wars

  • Support the Aggressor of the War
    - Increases their opinion of you but raises world tensions
  • Disapprove/Denounce the aggressor's war.
    - Decreases their opinion of you but the world stays calm (i.e. no world tension increase/decrease)

And Much More!

  • Empty Actions
    - Serve as a way to easily divide the categories of diplomatic actions. (Can be disabled via game rules)
  • Custom Game Rules
    - Decide what actions are in the game or not.

Updated Actions

  • Recall Volunteers
    - Recalls volunteer forces

Version 26.05.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.11)

Peace Deals

  • All bugs previously reported have been fixed (From what I have seen with my testing).
  •  AI will no longer use the peace deals action to stop WWII, etc.

New Actions

  • New Request Manpower Action
    - Allows you to request manpower from your puppets or people in your faction. Is hard to get acceptance if they are not your puppet, so make sure your nice to your faction members.


Version 24.05.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.11)


HOI 4 23.05.22 (1.11.11)


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