Mod «Puppeteer» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.8)


Combines the best of the following mods: Puppet Wargoal, Puppet Manager, Puppet Diplomacy 1.10 - DISCONTINUED & Custom Puppet Flags for the sake of compatibility and since they are discontinued mods. As such, this mod is incompatible with those following mods.

Description of Puppet Wargoal

Are you tired of conquering nations, becoming the total victor yet cannot install a puppet regime?. Being forced to annex all their land or leave with nothing?. This mod fixes that. Now even neutral nations can specifically declare war to install a puppet. You have the option to take all states, Take some states and puppet them, Or puppet them leaving everything. The choice is yours.

Description of Puppet Manager

This mod adds new Puppet Manager based on a scripted GUI mechanic. It consists of the Puppet Country Manager and Puppet States Manager both are available by simply clicking on any subject`s province. They are also movable so feel free to set them up as you like. :)

The Puppet Country Manager gives you new special puppet actions:

  • Founding National Integration Movement
  • Claiming Colonies
  • Relocating Civilian Industry
  • Granting Independence
  • While Puppet States Manager gives you ability to transfer and claim subject's states while also giving you ability to return subject's core states one by one
  • NEW! Give any subject any state from your realm. Select your state choose "Mark State" then select targeted puppet and choose "Transfer Marked States".
Description of Puppet Diplomacy 1.10 - DISCONTINUED

This mod adds an option in the diplomacy tab to de- and remilitarize your subjects.

  • NEW: Decision to transfer subjects airforce (available when demilitarizing your subject)
  • Decision to transfer your subjects navy (available when demilitarizing your subject)
  • NEW: Militarization option in diplomatic tab
  • All divisions will be deleted (thanks to Paradox for adding this finally)
Description of Custom Puppet Flags

Any nationalistic sybolics used for educational purpose only.

This mod add custom flags to cosmetic tags of German puppets:

  • NOR
  • SOV
  • UKR
  • BLR
  • GEO

Designed to be used with historical Third Reich flag. Flags done in the same style and use local nationalistic symbols but are ahistoric (since German puppet states used the same Third Reich flag). Flags are different for gameplay purposes.

Feel free to use in any other mod, just link me and the original authors in the credits.

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