Mod «No Wounded/Sick Generals» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9)

No Wounded/Sick Generals

**This mod removes the debuffs that occur when the game decides your general is suddenly wounded or sick and becomes essentially useless for 1/4 of a year**

Tired of some malaria or a few pesky bomb fragments taking your best generals out of commission for the better part of three months? Feel annoyed after sitting there for who knows how long waiting for an urgently needed ability to become usable again?
Well, with this mod you no longer have to endure a significant chunk of an ingame year waiting for the lynchpin to your armored offensive to get over the sniffles or fuss over their boo-boos. Now, even in the most humid jungles and under the most intense bombardment, your commanders will faithfully give you their bonuses and abilities even at death's door.

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