Mod «Cadet Edition: Remastered» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

Cadet Edition: Remastered

Cadet Edition: Remastered is made for those who own or have just purchased the basic version of the game.


It was a volunteer work for the fans of the best war game out there, I hope you like it and be kind and polite in the comments.

This modification was made with the intention of making the game as original as possible, that is, with few changes.

I made the most that the basic version of the game could offer with its technologies, significantly improving its graphics and game play.

"Remembering that it has to be used in a unique way and without any other MOD or DLC to have full compatibility."

Not compatible with IRON MAN

LANGUAGE: Brazilian Portuguese and English


  • Graphical improvements across the entire map with high resolution textures
  • Ultra-realistic oceans with enhanced animation and reflection near marine shores
  • Naval battles with the most destruction particles
  • Icons on all research technologies (Tanks, Planes and Jets), i.e. no more black icons
  • Artillery technology was put in improvements in the years 1944 and 1945 that were missing from the original
  • Max experience limit and command power has been increased
  • New decisions placed to no longer let political power and command power accumulate
  • 3D tanks for all nations with high resolution textures
  • All nations with their own skins and textures in high resolution
  • All planes with graphical improvements in shadows and audio effects and explosions
  • All aircraft with their own skins for almost all countries in the main interface
  • All ships with unique texture and skin improvements
  • New resource bar added and with nuke location adjustment
  • Generals and admirals dismissal system has been added, very useful for cleaning up excess autoloaded generics
  • New types of visualization of maps and terrains to have better information
  • All nations with new generals and admirals
  • New political leaders of the countries, practically running out of generics
  • The portraits (portraits) with the quality of the original, so the look is the same, and much more beautiful to see
  • Corrected texts in Portuguese, no longer subscribing to the lines
  • Icons in all descriptions
  • More national ideas augmented
  • Military high command was placed in political diplomacy
  • More officers were added, reaching up to six and two theorists
  • Political Action Decisions, with image and description, getting much more beautiful to look at
  • Added decisions all with description and image: policy and influence, research decisions, military high command and industrial policy decisions.
  • All military ideologies and coats of arms are now real, making it much more beautiful to look at
  • All nations with their real and up-to-date flags of the time
  • New war audios with improved sound effects throughout the environment
  • All continents go to war, that is, the war is for everyone, and countries do not stand still without participating.
  • New informative events of all the war in the world from the smallest capital to the biggest will have your news.
  • Real image of the terrains on the map, getting much more beautiful jungles, cities, deserts, hills and etc... "A candy for the eyes"
  • Variants for all infantry and artillery weapons, trucks, support equipment and convoys
  • Added more icons to customize your divisions.
  • In terrestrial doctrine the mass motorization icon has been fixed.
  • Many more predefined colors for groups of commands.
  • More political advisers for all nations.
  • New focus tree from Turkey and Mexico.
  • Returned colored lines for border separation.
  • Added resource exploration decisions with civilian factory and refinery costs
  • More Political War and Economic Diplomacy "I advise you to lower the screen ratio to -1 in the game options"
  • Increased to 15 support company seats in division design

"If you liked it... Don't forget to favorite and rate... Thank you so much"

File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: Leto
  • Mod version: 21.07.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 889.5 mb
  • Source: Go to
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