Mod «Greed's Non-Historical Mod» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

Greed's Non-Historical Mod

Purpose of this mod
Hearts of Iron IV Vanilla is amazing in so many different aspects, this is why the game can be so much fun, and enjoyment, especially considering it demands hours of dedicated time for a fun, complete campaign. However, this is not to say it is perfect. This mod was originally created as a Non-Historical Vanilla Plus mod-pack. Over time, more features were added to this mod such as focus-trees, new economic, trade, and conscription laws, and changes to the navy, air, and army, to the point that it has shaped itself into a pure Non-Historical RT56-influenced mod-pack. Although this is very different from RT56 in many ways as much of the unique code added to this mod by the mod-team was inspired by over ten-thousand hours of experience in this amazing game.

What is different in this mod?
This mod makes many different changes, of which will all be explained below in as much detail as possible:

  • A new generic focus tree
  • New focus trees for many countries throughout the game. Currently we have around ten unique focus trees, and we are adding more as time goes on.
  • New changes to the economy law system in Hearts of Iron IV. For example, you want to build civilian factories while on civilian economy, and not build military factories. Additionally, you want to build military factories while on war economy, and not build civilian factories. Each economy law is different, with some unique economy law for certain majors.
  • New changes to the trade law system in Hearts of Iron IV. For example, free trade and export focus are much better, but do give much more information to others when compared to vanilla.
  • New changes to the conscription law in Hearts of Iron IV. For example, higher recruitable population for each conscription law.
  • Shortened focus trees for many countries. The largest ones are Germany, France, USA, Japan, and China. However, other countries will be shortened as time goes on.
  • Changes to the naval system making naval production much higher, while fuel consumption is much lower. Additionally, making carriers and battleships much more effective, while making submarine spam much less effective.
  • Removed training attrition for all units. However, made army-units lose experience quicker than normal.
  • Made the special forces cap unlimited. However, made special forces units more experience to product and maintain.
  • Added over twenty utility-based mods such as State Transfer Tool, Player-Led Peace Conferences, Peace Deals, and much more!
  • Added over ten visual-based mods to increase the beauty of the mod.
  • So much more that can all be viewed in the change notes!

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