Mod «De-population in occupation Laws» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.11)

De-population in occupation Laws

This mod is purely for gameplay purposes, please do not use this mod to fulfill your racist needs.

De-population in occupation means that setting your laws to forced labor, harsh quotas, and brutal opression will cause the occupied states to lose their population. It may end a big resistance movement, but limits the manpower, resources and especially workers for the factories. Essentially this mod is for when you have alot of resistance and alot of garrisons, and you just dont want a country to resist anymore, you can kill and vaporize the population with just a few war crimes.
There is also a death counter included to see how many people you have murdered, the counter can be moved to any position when clicked and held on.

Secret police -1% Monthly pop
Forced labor -100% Monthly pop
Harsh quotas -200% Monthly pop
Brutal opression -1000% Monthly pop

Population goes down monthly as part of a percentage, meaning if you occupy one of the high populated indian states, the deaths will be higher each month than a low populated area. Its also one of the reasons the garrison percentage is so high.

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