Mod «Minor Nations Reborn» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.9)

Minor Nations Reborn

Minor Nations Reborn is a complete overhaul of the generic focus tree designed to make progression feel both natural and fun, while retaining replayability via player choice. It is a complete reconstruction of what its predecessor (Minor Nations Revenge) sought to achieve allowing minor nations to develop into more powerful states, but unlike its predecessor it gives a better sense of progression through steady build up as opposed to an instant explosion of power.

Minor Nations Reborn is designed to last. Unlike its predecessor which altered a wealth of different game files- Minor Nations Reborn is increadibly non-invasive, maximizing both its compatibility with other mods and its compatibility with new major updates.


Brand New Generic Focus Tree Including:

  • Political Branch - 49 Focuses
  • Military Branch - 45 Focuses
  • Industrial & Economic Branch - 35 Focuses
  • Puppet Branch - 31 Focuses

Stub Focus Paths for:

  • Liberia
  • Caucus Nations (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan)
  • Middle Eastern Nations
  • ...and many more soon!

Focus Total Comparison:

  • Minor Nations Reborn Generic Tree - 160 Focuses (not including stubs)
  • Paradox Generic Tree - 56 Focues
  • Updated version

Version 08.09.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.13)

  • Updated version


Version 16.07.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

  • Updated version
  • Resolved issue that caused focus tree to be reset on load
  • Reduced weekly manpower from "Loosen Border Restrictions"
  • Added historical focuses compatibility
  • Temporarily removed "all generic focus trees" game rule


Version 11.03.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9)

  • Fixed the version number.
  • "Whoops All Generic" decision fixed for real this time I promise.


Version 02.03.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.8)

  • Update to game version 1.11.8


Version 17.02.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.7)


Version 14.02.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.4)


File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: Sardonic
  • Mod version: 04.02.23
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 0.9 mb
  • Source: Go to
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