Mod «The New Order: Roter Morgen» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.7)

The New Order: Roter Morgen

1) What is this mod's scope?

From the start of Albert Speer's Germany, to Tresckow's Germany and finally Markus Wolf's Germany.

2) Where is Meinhof and Strasser?

Meinhof is a General. Strasser will not be included in this update.

3) What is the situation of development right now?

We're getting there, so we're in need of writers, coders and GFX. All help is welcome. :) We'll keep you updated through teasers.

4) How can I get Red Germany?

Win the civil war as Speer, crush the protesters and all dissent, refuse to negotiate, leading to nationwide riots where you play as the revolutionaries, working your way towards eventually overthrowing the government.

5) What about the RKs?

They will become unstable and internally suppress their revolts. Red Germany will be able to liberate the RKs from nazi control and turn them into satellites or they can have their own revolutions. We will tease what satellites and allies can appear.

6) What will happen in regards to Red Italy?

Using the new features, we will disable Red Italy as an option, making Italy either go democratic or fascist. This is to better balance the powers.

7) Can Tresckow restore the Kaiser or succeed in restabilizing Germany?

We couldn't make this any more obvious but - no.

8) Does Bohemia, Austria, Slovenia, "Prussian" Poland, Alsace Lorraine, etc get independence?

No, some of the less germanized regions are given local autonomy.

9) How many paths?

One. Wolf.

10) What is 'Spartakus'?

Spartakus is the alpha release we have been working on. It will not dwell a lot into the late 60s, 70s and foreign policy, as it is of course, an alpha, but it will allow you to establish the foundations of the revolutionary superpower that is the Deutsche Volksrepublik (German People's Republic.)

Required: The New Order: Last Days of Europe

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no version for hoi4 1.11.12?