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Scenario: Overlord

Welcome to my biggest mod to date, Operation: Overlord. As a sort of 'sequel' to Scenario: Stalingrad it operates on pretty much the same concept. With lessons I learned from 'Stalingrad', I present to you this mod; Overlord.

This mod, like Scenario: Stalingrad, is unique in that it puts you in charge either the Allied Expeditionary Force or the Army Group B in Northern France between 1943 and 1945. The mod focuses solely on this region, with a map that is around 22x zoomed in from vanilla. It covers a wider area than my previous mods, while maintaining more or less the same level of detail.

In addition, the zoomed map means I have conffered some general changes to the way the game is played:

  • Divisions have now been split into battalions that use less manpower and equipment.
  • Wide rivers have been converted into 'lakes', with specially designed 'bridges' to cross them. These are key points on the map, so guard them well!
  • Movement speed is increased to match the zoomed map. Watch for encirclements!
  • Aircraft range is increased. The speed in which they are transferred is also increased.
  • Supply centers have had their range increased. Unit supply usage has been increased in general since Stalingrad.
  • Focuses are shortened, and the game is designed to last until (roughly) from March 1943 to winter 1944-45.
  • Game speed is greatly reduced, allowing you to manage the battle hour by hour (and practically minute by minute)

Other features of this mod include:

  • An 'Influence' and 'Cohesion' system for Germany and the Allies respectively. Manage your cohesion as the Allies, or stave off the encroaching influence of Hitler as the Germans!
  • Historical railways as per maps of Northern France/Southern England.
  • Historical OOBs and leaders for the Normandy campaign.
  • Around 150 total events that affect gameplay or tell the story of Operation: Overlord.
  • Vanilla decisions and advisors reworked to function in a shorter and smaller map
  • Focus trees with both historical and alt-historical elements
  • 'Ending' events, that are my unique take on the Super-Event concept.
  • A selection of music for Germany and the Allies to enhance immersion, as part of a special radio-player within the mod.
  • The map has been designed from the ground up using 1;1 satellite imagery and a range of historical maps. There are far more victory points than in my previous mod.
  • An extensive repetoire of Allied and German commanders who played a part in the Normandy campaign.

And lots more - discover for yourself!


In June of 1944, the Allies finally launch their long-awaited cross-channel invasion. Caught off-guard, the Germans quickly find themselves being pushed back by a better-trained and equipped force. Not to mention the stifling dominance in air and sea power the Allies possess. The Allied nations are here for a single purpose - rid Europe of the tyranny of Nazi occupation. And now, with their forces pouring into Northern France, that dream can now become a reality.

This operation is the culimation of months, if not years, of planning. With some of the finest minds across the Allied nations contributing, this invasion is perhaps the largest cross-channel ever seen in human history.

The Germans, on the other hand, have been faintly aware of these plans. It is true that they posses a numerical superiority. But with the requirement of protecting a coastline that stretches from Norway in the north to the French-Spanish border in the south, are they stretched too thin? Only time will tell with the coming of OPERATION: OVERLORD.

  • Naval buildings updated, so now you won't crash when you naval invade certain provinces.
  • The German capital, Dusseldorf, is now its own state.

Version 26.10.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.4)


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