Mod «In The Name of The Tsar» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.11)

In The Name of The Tsar

This mod is an overhaul of Hearts of Iron and takes place in alternate timeline where Russia, after the Brusilovs offensive manages to break through the Austrian defences taking out Austria Hungarian Empire from the war. Germany, fearing complete destruction of their Empire sued for peace later in the beginning of 1917.

Peace treaty of Brussels took place 17th February 1917 dividing Germany to prevent its further expansion later. Nicolas II insisting on leaving Kaiser Wilhelm II in power of Prussia, under his sphere of influence.

United States do not join the Great War but still manage to arm the whole world. After witnessing the fears of war, the US Government decided to embrase isolationism. Through out 20s and 30s Herbert Hoover has kept America isolated from Europe but with upcoming elections and end of his second term, the United States might finally leave this undisturbed isolation.

A revolution takes place in Kingdom of Bavaria in 1919 and becomes Bavarian Soviet Republic. Communists want world revolution, in order to do that Germany needs to be reunited!


  • Alternative Timeline where Russia defeats Central Powers in the Great War.
  • Reworked Map as well as new states.
  • New ideas and national spirites.
  • Brand New Focus Trees for following nations: Russia, France, Prussia, Bavaria, Italy, Japan, The United Kingdom, The United States, Austria, China, Turkey, Serbia, Baden, Niederdeutschland, Saxony, Rhineland, Spain, Hungary and Belgium, Syria, Equatorial Africa, Western Africa, Indochina, Northern Africa, Sweden, Romania and Portugal.
  • Handmade portraits
  • Events for Major countries as well as minors.


  • Event for picking the capital for Turkey
  • Hungarian leaders' portrait missing
  • Changed name for Bavarian leader

Version 29.03.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.9)

  • Quick follow-up update. The GFX folder was missing :(


Version 27.03.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.9)


  • The mod now runs on 1.11 Barbarossa Version
  • The mod has absorbed the music mod so you can listen to tunes in the mod itself (long overdue)
  • Reworked the German civil war, I recommend trying out new Bavarian side
  • Updated national focuses for most countries to work with new states and infrastructure
  • GCW was rebalanced quite a bit
  • Updated units to work with NSB DLC
  • Updated release decisions (new release decisions added too)
  • Sudetenland crisis reworked for Austria


  • The mod has a new map
  • Generally things related to barbarossa update
  • Conversion to .dds GFX (therefore there might still be a portrait missing somewhere)
  • The new supply system should work now
  • The officer corps is functional

New portraits:

  • SER (Milutin Nedic, Vladimir Cukavac)
  • BAV (advisor icons)


Version 21.09.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.8)

Updated national focus tree:

  • RUS
  • SER


  • Fixed missing voice-overs for RUS, RMN, SAX, BAV, WUT, WSM, RHN, AUS & LUX
  • Fixed missing unit textures for RUS (WIP)
  • Fixed Bukhara & Khiva states (WIP)
  • Fixed missing event for Serbia
    Other minor bug fixing


  • Tweaked units for CRO, SER, HUN, RMN, JAP, MAN


Version 20.05.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.5)

New portraits:

  • SPR/SPA/SPB/SPC (Jose Sanjurjo)
  • GER (Kurt von Schleicher, Wilhelm II, Werner von Blomberg)
  • RUS (Pyotr Wrangel, Ioann Romanov)
  • WSM (Kurt Schumacher)


  • Fixed base intelligence variables (player can now see what other countries are doing)


Version 11.04.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.4)


  • New release decisions
  • Changed Western Fortification focus for Russia
  • New templates for France, Prussia and Russian AI
  • Buffed Prussian navy in 1936 and nerfed North-German navy
  • Added Syrian general
  • The German Civil War now kicks-off half a year earlier
  • Updated icons for ideologies (liberal, conservative & nationalism)
  • Turkey will now seize Edirne, Thrace and Burgas regions via an event
  • Belgrade is now a major city
  • Prussian generals' portraits are replaced by vanilla variants for consistency
  • New loading screens
  • New decisions for Russia

New portraits:

  • SPR/SPA/SPB/SPC (Franco, Manuel Azana, Niceto Alcala Zamora, Alfonso XIII)
  • AUS (Alfred Jansa, Eduard Barger, Eduard Von Boh-Ermolli, Emil Hickmann, Erhard Raus, Franz Bohme, Friedrich Materna, Kornel Oszlanyi, Lothar Rendulic, Sigismund Schilhawsky) credit to Ghosting1GP!
  • RUS (Vasily Blucher, Bronislav Kaminsky, Vladimir Marushevsky, Vladimir Kharzhevsky, Vladimir Vitkovsky, Pavel Shatilov, Petr Mashin, Fedor Abramov, Dmitry Pavlov, Nicholas II, Mikhail II, Nestor Monastyrev, Alexander Razvozov, Alexander Kolchak, Adrian Nepenin, Petr Popov, Vyacheslav Naumenko, Pavel Bermondt-Avalov, Pavlo Skoropadskiy, Petr Pisarev, Mikhail Bonch-Bruevich, Isaac Bykadorov, Grigory Semenov, Eugene Miller, Anton Turkul, Anatoly Pepelyaev, Andrey Shkuro)
  • BAV (Ernst Thalmann, Hermann Goring, Friedrich Paulus, Karl Liebknecht)
  • GER (Wilhelm II, Wilhelm III) -HUN (Bela Kun)
  • USA (Huey Long, Jack Reed, Charles Curtis, John Garner)
  • BEL (Paul van Zeeland) -SYR (Sultan al-Atrash)
  • WUT (Hermann Muller)
  • ROM (Carol II)
  • TUR (Mustafa Kemal Atatürk)


  • France can now decrease communism influence
  • Fixed supplyless state in Bosnia
  • Fixed party names missing
  • Replaced Eduard David with Konrad Adenauer as the leader of the Rhine
  • Added back some of the missing Balkan cities
  • Fixed French Kingdom color missing


Version 01.01.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.3)

  • Updated Idea Spirits Icons
  • New Focus tree icons for France, Prussia, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Russia
  • Updated Localisation
  • France receives a new influence system (more content will be added soon)
  • France's army nerfed slightly while Prussian's is buffed
  • New portraits and generals for Russia and Hungary


Version 09.12.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.3)

Updated National Focus Trees For:

  • France

New/Reworked Events For:

  • France

New/Reworked Decisions For:

  • France
  • New Portraits France: Édouard Daladier, Philippe Petain, Pierre-Étienne Flandin

Miscellaneous GFX:

  • New Focus Tree icons for France, Prussia, Serbia, Sweden

Notable Changes:

  • Added new generic states decisions (options to release countries under occupation, new additions are: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, White Russia, Moldova, Finland, Russia proper, Austria, Galicia, Denmark, France, region of Nancy (France), region of Savoy (France), Italy, region of Tyrol (Italy)

Miscellaneous Game Changes & Bug Fixes:

  • Buffed Turkish industry
  • New national spirits for France
  • German French Puppet is now the proper color

Known issues so far:

  • Older saves might not be compatible!


Version 17.10.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1)

New National Focus Trees For:

  • Belgium
  • France

New/Reworked Events For:

  • France
  • Belgium
  • Prussia

New Portraits

  • France: Albert Saurraut, Louis Napoleon, Aubert Frère, Robert Touchon, Jaques Duclos, Piere Laval, Prince Jean Duke of Guise, Henri Count of Paris, François de la Roque
  • Russia: Ivan Barbovich, Tsar Nicolas (the general), Radko Dmitriev, Anton Denikin
  • Prussia: Wilhelm II, Wilhelm III, August von Mackensen
  • Burma: Reginald Dorman Smith
  • Belgium/Flanders/Wallonia: Jean Baptise Piron, Victor van Strydonck de Burkul, Maurice Keyaerts, Staf de Clercq, Jules Pire, Joris Van Severen
  • Russian Manchuria: Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich

Territorial Changes:

  • Eastern Switzerland is now called Romandie and becomes slightly smaller
  • Zaolzie is now part of Czechia
  • Multiple Bavaria/Prussia core fixes
  • Rhineland and Ruhr populations increased (for more accurate representation)

Miscellaneous GFX:

  • New Focus Tree icons for France, Belgium and Russia
  • New Idea Icons for France and Belgium
  • 2 New loadingscreens as well as new main menu screen

Notable Changes:

  • Compability with 1.10.* and Battle of Bosphorus DLC
  • 1939 start date is no longer available
  • France will start in a state of war with Syria in 1936
  • Puppet option in the peace conference will no longer be available (now will be available via decisions)
  • New decisions for territorial release changes for: France(Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, West Germany, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland), Russia(East Germany, Poland), Austria(Serbia, Bulgaria) with more to come!

Miscellaneous Game Changes & Bug Fixes:

  • Italy will now move towards Nationalism and join Germany if historical ai focuses are on (this is rather for testing, eventually will be reworked)
  • Iran sueing for peace should work properly now
  • New national spirits for France
  • New national spirits for Belgium
  • Increased Russian Army strength but partially nerfed its national spirits
  • French Army is greatly reduced in size but is now well equipped
  • Finally Turkey will form the Ottoman Empire
  • New country colors


Version 23.07.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.2 - 1.9.3)

  • Fixed Russian downgrade
  • Added new Russian military advisers(more to come)
  • Fixed Japanese locals missing


Version 11.07.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.2 - 1.9.3)

  • Tweaked German ai
  • New GFX icons
  • New Victory Points in Germany
  • Italy is disabled for now, they will not join either BP or Allies if historical focuses are on
    (this will be changed soon though)
  • Further balance changes


Version 04.06.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.2 - 1.9.3)

  • General bug fixes
  • Added some new portraits
  • 1.9.3 support update
  • Locals fixes


Version 29.05.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.2)

New Focus Trees

  • Spanish Republic


  • General balance changes:
    • Prussia will have more factories at the start
    • Prussian army size is increased
    • However Prussian focus tree is nerfed
    • Sizes of German minors’ armies are also increased
    • Russia buffed (their strikes events are less annoying now)
    • France’s infrastructure nerfed
  • The German civil war has been reworked:
    • It is done through decisions and ends much quicker
    • Now Bavaria and Prussia get their cores right away when annexing German minor states
  • France no longer has their French colonies puppet states, those are removed
  • Netherlands will now get event to join the BP when WWII breaks out
  • Spanish civil war is also reworked
  • Bavaria and Russia now get extra operatives in their focus trees
  • Many new events added
  • New Localisation added
  • Italy will not join Allies for now, that is a subject to change. Instead Italy will guarantee Greek independence


  • Updated portraits here and there
  • New portraits for new leaders & generals (mostly for Spain)
  • Updated wallpapers

Bug fixes

  • States fixed (hopefully all of them)
  • Missing victory points added
  • Turkey fixed (hopefully)


Version 08.05.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.2)

  • Version fix (some people where able to play at 1.9.2).
  • No new content added.


Version 10.04.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.0 - 1.9.1)


  • The mod now supports 1.9.x updates
  • Bavaria is moved to minors, Italy in majors


  • Portraits updates here and there
  • Updated Russian political paths, now less complex and more straight forward
  • New Wallpaper Screen
  • Changed Croatia to Illyria
  • Emirate of Bukhara is added as Russian puppet
  • New focus to annex Bukhara as Russia


  • Nerfed some of the Spanish focus tree focuses


  • State fixes
  • Strategic state fixes
  • 1939 start date fixes
  • A lot of localisation fixes
  • Removed Herobrine


Version 31.12.19 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.8.1)


File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: alex
  • Mod version: 12.05.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 861.9 mb
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why is not the full zip,i mean the mods works but are some files missing and dont show the numbers of the didvisions,dont show all the focus trees