Mod «The Coming Storm» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3)


The Coming Storm is a OTL scenario Mod for Hearts of Iron IV, which covers the years between 1905 and 1923. This mod focuses on adding considerable depth to politics, ideological competition, historical events, social changes, deep focus trees, and a plethora of decisions over the base game against the backdrop of the diplomatic double dealing, revolutionary fervor, and ardent nationalism that led to the outbreak of the Great War.

Custom Startdates:

  • 1905: The Breeze of Peace
  • 1910: The Coming Storm
  • 1914: The Storm of Steel
  • 1918: The Settling Winds

Custom Focus Trees:

  • German Empire (Not Finished)
  • Russian Empire (Mostly Finished)
  • Austria-Hungary (Mediocrely Finished)
  • Netherlands (Not Finished)
  • Sweden (Not Finished)
  • Greece (Mostly Finished)
  • Bulgaria (Mostly Finished)
  • And much more soon...

Custom Technology Trees:

  • New Armor Tree (Done but probably unbalanced)
  • New Air Tree (Done but probably unbalanced)
  • New Naval Tree (Not Done)
  • New Doctrine Trees

Mod checked on game version: 1.9.3

General Fixes

  • Fixed Montenegrin Flag and Capital
  • New State Font
  • Updated Texticons for Ideologies
  • Libyan States
  • New Leader Portraits for HOL and RUS
  • Russian State and VP Name Fixes
  • Removed Macedonian Struggle decisions
  • Added Coal as a resource
  • 200~ Idea Files Cleaned
  • Some Now Useless Scripts Cleaned
  • Sneaky Afgan Portrait and Color
  • Removed 28 blank focus files
  • Border Dispute States in South America Added
  • Various State Fixes
  • Chinese State Rework
  • Indochina State Rework

1905 Startdate Additions

  • British Content 1905-1906
  • Added many new ministers to Romania
  • Overhauled Transylvanian resources and VPs
  • State and province work within Transylvania
  • Reworked Swedish Parliament
  • French Content 1905-1906
  • Generic Tree for 1905 Polish Revolt
  • Reworked Dutch Civil War
  • Ottoman Decisions re-activated
  • German Content 1905-1907
  • Japanese OOB
  • Hidden Decision for HRE
  • OOB Changes for Russia
  • Russian Idea Changes and Additions
  • New Russian Generals
  • New Russian Event and Focus Descriptions
  • Minor Russian Focus Tree and Decision Updates
  • Updated Bulgarian units/technology
  • Reworked Bulgarian Starting Tree
  • Reworked certain Bulgarian events
  • Bulgaria won't join the war against Yemen anymore!
  • Added Historical Content for Greece up to 1915
  • Reworked starting parties and popularites for Greece
  • Added descs to most focuses for Greece
  • Reworked Greek starting tree
  • Reworked Mavromichalis tree
  • reworked the Goudi coup event chain for greece
  • Montenegro Content from 1905-1910
  • Italo-Turkish War Added
  • New portait for 1905 Polish Revolutionaries
  • Added Sultanate of Wadai
  • Added Sultanate of Darfur
  • Mongolia, Kumul and Tibet Added
  • German Economic Tree 1905-1910
  • Icons and new Victor Emmanuelle portrait for Italy
  • Honduran Semi-Generic Tree Added
  • Added OOB to Norway
  • Added Norwegian Content 1905-1910
  • Generals and Admirals Norway
  • State Fixes Norway
  • Polish Revolt Improved with OOB and Placement
  • Ukrainian Revolt Portrait Added

1910 Startdate Additions

  • New Sonnino II Tree for Italy
  • New Luzzatti Tree for Italy
  • OOB Changes for Russia
  • Added Historical Content for Greece up to 1915
  • Added Greek 1910 Alt-History Scenario
  • Italo-Turkish War Added

1914 Startdate Additions

  • OOB Changes for Russia
  • Added Historical Content for Greece up to 1915
  • Made Greece Playable in the 1914 Startdate

1918 Startdate Additions

  • Dynamic State Renaming for POL and UKR
  • StanisÅ‚awów State Infra and VP Fixes
  • Czech Event Fixes
  • Polish Generals Balancing
  • State & VP Fixes for Poland and West Ukraine
  • Ukraine Anti-Hetmanate's coup content
  • Coalitions and oppositions for UKR
  • New OOB for WUK
  • New partly done OOB for Poland
  • West Ukraine Idea Fixes and Changes
  • New GFX for Poland
  • Improved OOB for Poland
  • Polish Tree, Ideas, and Decision Balancing/Omprovements
  • Some Bavaria Events
  • Volunteer Army Added
  • Soviet Invasion of Belarus Added
  • Soviet Belarus Starting Tree
  • AI Strategy and AI Units for Poland and LIT
  • New elections laws adjustment for Poland
  • New decisions for Poland
  • Updated ministers for Various 1918 Nations
  • Reworked nat. spirits for Poland
  • Lithuanian divisions namelist
  • New field marshal for Lithuania
  • Lithuanian names for states and vic. points
  • Fixed Lithuanian state bug
  • Czech states names
  • No more cores for AUS in 1918 CZE
  • Generic Tree for Western Ukraine
  • Greater Poland Uprising Ideology Change
  • Removed Ideas for Austria and Russia
  • Ministers for the Greater Poland Uprising
  • Versailles Event at the OTL date

Version 25.03.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.0 - 1.9.1)

  • Fixed small research animation
  • Topbar GUI properly displays percentage
  • Various duplicate loc strings removed
  • Bosnia removed as ghost puppet
  • POL now has 2 research slots instead of 3
  • POL, UKR, WUK Spirits improvements
  • Some changes in POL foc. tree
  • More unique GFX for POL tree
  • POL Loc improvements
  • More precisive OOB for UKR
  • Portraits for SCS, HUN, CZE starting leaders
  • First focuses for WUK tree
  • Minor improvements in polish events
  • More generals for UKR and WUK
  • Various Loc Fixes
  • Balkan War Start (balkan_war.1 as BUL to fire debug war)
  • Galician Map Fixes
  • Bulgarian Map Fixes
  • South African States
  • Montenegrin OOB added
  • Redone Caucasian States
  • New German Natspirit Icons
  • Italian Loc Fixes
  • New Italian GFX
  • Populations and Infrastructure for Italian States
  • Started work on Crete Content
  • 1918 Armenian-Azerbaijan War Added (No Content)
  • Fixed Map Related CtD
  • Started work on Greek Alt-His
  • Added Tags ARA and KUR
  • Various Small Bugfixes


Version 26.02.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.0 - 1.9.1)

  • WUK, UKR, BLR, EST, LAT, LIT, now have 2 research slots except 3
  • POL stability is fixed now
  • POL foc. tree is more dynamic, late 1918 and early 1919 branch is almost done
  • POL coalition and opposition mechanics has been added
  • Few POL ministers has been fixed/removed
  • Some focus GFX for POL tree
  • POL Moraczewski cabinet decree decisions has been done
  • POL Loc improvements
  • Commune of the Working Ppl. of EST now have red flag
  • Two new vic. points in Eastern Galicia: Tarnopol, Drohobych
  • Greater Poland Upising has been added
  • Some vic. points and infrastructure fix for POL
  • Białystok colony state bug after "Agreement wit Ober-Ost" event is fixed now
  • Nat. Spirits for WUK has been added
  • Now POL have a cosmetic tag at start
  • Some party fixes for POL
  • Starting Splash added
  • New Start Screen
  • Naval Invasions are now researchable
  • GUI Updated (Part of 1.9 Patch)
  • Map fixed (Part of 1.9 Patch)
  • Over 2k of Unused Flags Removed


Version 05.12.19 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.8.0 - 1.8.1)


How to install mod?

To install the mod for the game Hearts of Iron 4, unpack the contents of the archive to the folder Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod and enable the modification in the launcher.

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