Mod «Shadow of Sèvres» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.12)

Shadow of Sèvres

Based on the Scenario: What if the Treaty of Sèvres was successfully implemented?

Mod Features

  • Independent Caucasian nations & Kurdistan
  • 5 Unique Focus Trees: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Greece & Turkey
  • Custom Generic Focus Tree for Kurdistan
  • Releasable Countries: Central Asian Federation & Caucasian Emirate
  • New National Flags, Portraits, Ideas, Events & Decisions
  • Historical Custom Portraits of Politicians and Generals
  • Revamped Map Including: Provinces, States & Victory Points
  • Formable Turkic Confederation Through Decisions & Focus Tree
  • Formable Transcaucasia Through Decisions & Focus Tree

Lore of Shadow of Sèvres

A Brief History

The Turkish national movement was suppressed and the Treaty of Sèvres was successfully implemented by the Entente Powers. Greece expanded further along the Western Anatolian coast, with British assent annexing the Straits International Zone. Armenia moved in to administer their newly awarded western and Kurdistan was liberated after a successful plebiscite. Azerbaijan’s vast oil reserves are being exploited by British companies and exported through Georgia.


Greece in this gathering storm has gained that status of an regional ally to the UK, supplemented by what Greece has gained through the Treaty of Sèvres, the Western Coast of Anatolia due to its significant Greek population and history-cultural significance. Currently a monarchy with a very popular Prime Minister, Venizelos, who managed to unite the bitter political factions of Greece, previously divided since independence. Be that as it may, these divisions are still present and if leadership changes, the worst could happen.


Defeated, partitioned and humiliated, Turkey remains a rump state of the great empire it once was before the world war. It now stands at a crossroads onto which it can realize its national ambitions of retaking its territories and reasserting itself as a regional power of the east to be reckoned with. Sultan Abdülmecid II is a harsh ruler albeit an ineffective one, time will tell if his archaic ways will lead to him dethroned and being usurped by radical elements.


Armenia, a bastion of Christianity since before the Middle-Ages, and has grown from a devastated statelet at the whims of the Ottoman Empire to a cosmopolitan democracy situated in the east of Anatolia and the Transcaucasus. Fueled by the blood of those who unknowingly gave their lives for the nation, Armenia has fortified herself into its awarded territories from the Treaty of Sèvres, desperate to develop its thriving economy and attract diasporan investment and repatriation into the country.


Considered to be the most Caucasian of the three Transcaucasus states, Georgia as a social democracy since its modern inception has made its smooth transition onto the world stage as an ally of Great Britain, despite its disappointment of not being granted new territory in the Treaty of Sèvres, something that the nationalists of the Georgian state seek to correct, amongst other things such as the independence of Armenia and Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan, the first secular democracy in the Muslim world sitting upon tremendous oil resouces enters the gathering storm poised to defend its interests. Its cooperation with British corporations extracting its oil was hastily arranged, and in the same way can be hastily undone, just as easily as liberating the Azerbaijani diaspora from nations of Georgia, Armenia and Iran, and finally dealing with the vociferous province of Karabagh.

28.06.22 (1.11.1-1.11.12)


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  • Author: Nova
  • Mod version: 02.07.22
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