Mod «Hearts Of Iron: Ash - Anak na Babae» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.11)

Hearts Of Iron: Ash - Anak na Babae

The year is 1936, and we live in a broken world.

In the 1880s, all over the world, alien vaults were found full of all sorts of wonderful technology. These were harnessed by the empires of the time, and even though the era was brief, a better world was formed from it.

But then, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, and the Great War began. German forces spewed east, and the Germans let the full wrath of their extraterrestrial arsenal loose on the French and British. After it all, Russia and China cracked, the former in the civil war and the latter under full assault by the Far East United Duchy, and a "looming war" was seen as evolving between the USA and Germany.

In 1923, the world broke. Something happened in the Rhineland, and other things soon followed. Tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, forest fires and earthquakes coincided with horrid explosions. The sun was blotted out for a month, causing mass starvation and suffering. The Baltic Sea suddenly filled up, flooding surrounding regions.

And into these lands came the Kalvalans. The Kalvalans were banished from Estonia after General Larka's coup attempt and now act as the foremost raiding group in the Baltic. It is divided, however, and its future remains in doubt.

On the other side of the world came the Storm Children on the Island of Luzon, a crazed cult worshipping storms, they are led by Valentin with his retinue of Bathala and Dumangan. Neighbouring Balangaw, it too is in doubt.

This demo contains the following:

  • 10 years of content for the Kalvala Clique.
  • 10 years of content for the Storm Children.
  • Tech trees relevant to the Kalvala Clique.
  • The horrid world, uncovered.
  • The return of the masters.

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