Mod «Pax Britannica: An Imperial Timeline» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.8)

Pax Britannica: An Imperial Timeline

For more than a century, Imperial Britain has ruled over nearly a billion souls, with dominion over every ocean and holdings on every continent. The ancient Habsburg dynasty rules over Central Europe and beyond, the Romanovs stand triumphant from the Baltic to the Pacific, and all the world lies beneath the curtain of a single continent. This was to be the way of things, a planet guided by the light of European civilization. A global imperium to last a thousand years and more.

If only things were so simple.

The power of Tesla's developments ushered in the Second Renaissance, the largest period of technological advancement since the Industrial Revolution. Wireless power brought the unthinkable to life and connected the world, and for a time it seemed Tesla's dream of the happiness of all mankind was in reach. Mankind, however, proved itself unworthy of such lofty goals.

The Great War, waged between the Imperial Powers and the Latin Bourbon dynasties tore the world asunder. The advancements that once sought to end want were turned into blood soaked nightmares. Upstart Japan fell to revolution and civil war, Spain descended into anarchy, and the three hundred year old Bourbon dynasty fell. The world that emerged from the war was battle scarred and traumatized, an entire generation wasted for peace terms.

As the new year dawns in 1933, the world enters a new age of uncertainty. France seeks to regain her place as Europe's dominant power, while Russia has fallen to the tides of bitter revanchism over their mutilated victory. Republican Japan emerges from isolation, ready to unleash the tide of the Pan-Asian Revolution. Across the Atlantic, the United Commonwealth asserts itself more and more, threatening to split the British Empire like Rome of old.

No one can be certain what the future holds, only that the Pax Britannica is about to come to a screeching halt.

Current content:

Welcome to Pax Britannica: An Imperial Timeline, an alternate history science fiction mod for Hearts of Iron 4.

Taking place in the wake of a failed American Revolution, the mod focuses on the substantial changes this causes in world history, compounded by the success of Nikola Tesla's Wireless Power Concept. The Victorian Era has been flash frozen by this advancement, creating an anarchic mix of the Jazz Age, Wellsian science fiction and transhumanism. The world is both familiar and utterly alien, and the mod seeks to explore that universe and provide a unique style compared to other overhaul mods.

The mod currently contains fully playable content for three countries:

  • Britain
  • The United Kingdoms of Germany
  • France
  • Orbit Wars Tard Wrangler System Adjusted
  • The AI can no longer cheat the Orbit Wars decisions
  • Reorganizing Africa no longer grants territory in North America to the West African state

Version 14.11.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1-1.12.5)

  • Compatibility Updated to By Blood Alone Compatibility
  • Air Techs currently using pre-BBA functionality, air designer to be added
  • Various Bugfixes
  • Orbit Wars AI Tard Wrangler System Adjusted to be less overtuned
  • Britain no longer steals Ashanti back when dissolving the British African Authority
  • Algeria no longer becomes a puppet when the BAA is dissolved even if winning the independence war
  • Various Localisation Fixes and Typos resolved
  • Swiss Peope?s Republic Loc Fixed


Version 06.09.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.10-1.11.13)

  • Unfinished Generic Tree Removed
  • Adjusted AI Tard Wrangler for Orbit Wars


Version 05.09.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.10-1.11.13)

  • Fixed a debug event that I definitely didn't forget to change before pushing
  • Economic Stagnation now removes as intended
  • Postwar Pacifism is now a timed idea
  • You can no longer nuke yourself with the Orbit Wars
  • Alan Turing no longer creates a stable time loop
  • AI should now interact with the Orbit Wars as intended
  • Albert Mundy evicted from reality
  • Edwardian Government decisions now end as intended
  • Edwardian State government does not appear in late game NPP path
  • Satellites no longer become permanently expended upon use
  • Rocket Launches now take 14 days instead of 2 to counteract Spam
  • Rocket Launches now use 4 Civilian Factories during launch process
  • Fixed Orbit Wars Event Localization issues
  • 0% Failure chance on Rockets ensures now success


Version 15.08.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.10-1.11.12)

  • Automation Crisis (Industry Tree) for Imperial Britain
  • Orbit Wars Mechanic for Britain and Russia
  • Reworked post war tree for Germany
  • Condensed French post war tree into decisions instead
  • Added unique French war outcomes depending on the country leader
  • Culture Mechanic
  • New Map Modes
  • Reworked Greece starting situation and Greece defeat in the GBW
  • New world events
  • Complete rework of North America
  • Africa collapse post Britain defeat
  • New tech
  • Various bug fixes
  • Various loc fixes
  • Slightly improved AI
  • New Loading Screens
  • New Country selection screen
  • Some new portraits, generals, and officers
  • Reworked United Commonwealth starting lore
  • Temporarily disabled the Sudwestafrika Bush wars intervention, caused too many bugs
  • Reduced the IST's debuffs
  • New tech GFX
  • New lore for Russia
  • Development Screen now has a reworked UI
  • Reworked GFX idea icons for: Imperial Britain, United kingdom of Germany, Japan and china
  • Britain has a new decision to buff themselves should they get invaded
  • Reworked military modernization to cost xp instead of cp
  • New victory points
  • New states
  • Carnegia visible at game start
  • Changed Brittany's starting situation


Version 19.06.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.10-1.11.12)

  • Fixes


Version 18.05.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.10-1.11.11)


Version 19.04.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.10)

  •  New national spirits for the BAA
  •  New national spirit GFX for China
  •  Adjusted the civ factory cost for the World City Paris decision
  •  Military Modernization now has a doctrine debuff/buff
  •  New opener events to enable/disable scripted mechanics
  •  Switzerland portrait fix for French coup focus
  •  New officer/minsters for the BAA
  •  BAA tech and navy additions
  •  New victory points
  •  Britain buffed
  •  Carnegie national spirits
  •  Greater France Swiss claim fixed
  •  Localisation fixes
  •  New province in Gibraltar
  •  General state/province changes
  •  Algeria/Oran uprising buff
  •  New French tech teams
  •  Removed Taured
  •  Mechs have been nerfed
  •  Slight pill nerf
  •  New Russian navy
  •  Admirals no longer have the Old Guard trait
  •  SP/MIL bug fix for France
  •  Certain French decisions are still available after WW2
  •  New officers for Russia
  •  Portrait fixes for Russia
  •  New British officers
  •  New loading screens
  •  Peace pop up fix
  •  WMD cost fix
  •  New parties + laws for various nations
  •  Some new map modes
  •  New sub ideologies
  •  NPP political tree fixes
  •  Removed Polish cores on Prussia
  •  Middle East fixes
  •  Algerian Uprising OOB Fix
  •  Ecuador Peace Deal Fix
  •  some new oobs


Version 19.04.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.10)

  • Kingdom Mechanic for Elsass unrest and Frankfurt
  • German minister and officer trait adjustments
  • Political violence decisions fix for Germany
  • German military focus prerequisite fixes
  • Motorized fix
  • German localization fixes
  • German Holstein expansion fix
  • OOB changes
  • New tech loc
  • Trait loc
  • Slight British buff
  • Britain can gain an extra research slot through their focus tree
  • General grammar fixes for Britain
  • New theorists
  • Fixed Darnard and Maurras spelling
  • Peace deal fix for Scandi
  • Added state cores for Borealia and Oceania
  • Tech tree time adjustments
  • Razor Maiden adjustments
  • Changed Fedor von Bock
  • American general portrait fixes
  • General ai improvements
  • Italy now has a small navy and airforce
  • Opening event adjustment
  • Russian navy change
  • German Pacific Commonwealth navy changes
  • Portrait changes for Tunisia, Sikkim, and Nepal
  • New victory points and railways for India
  • Military modernization decision fixes
  • Air tech changes
  • Removed Cyril
  • Automat tech changes
  • Arab wars fix
  • British party name loc fix for the NPP
  • Fixed the news event for Britain taking Paris
  • War outcome fixes
  • Possibly fixed the suicidal Dutch ai (MAYBE)
  • Socdev gui is now movable and can be closed with the esc key
  • Adjusted the gui for smaller and larger resolutions (still WIP)
  • Improved spain a bit so that they are less useless
  • Main menu changes
  • Turkey and Prussia fixes
  • New sub ideology for Neo-Imperialism
  • New German event pics
  • Flickering flag fix
  • Edward Restoration decisions fix
  • Interservice Rivalry fix (The SP or Military can come to power now)


Version 16.04.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.10)


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